That’s Interesting

My mom has a way of conveying dismay/disapproval without ever saying more than two words: that’s interesting. For example, when I am showing her something I just bought and she doesn’t care for it, she’ll think about it then say “Hmmm…that’s interesting.”

So in the spirit of Bill Engvall’s “Here’s your sign” bit, the following is what I found “interesting” about the first day of our Road Trip.

I had loaded the car with everything we needed. I went to pick up the kids from daycare and discovered that Haiden’s car seat would not click into the base because I had jammed too much stuff around it. Hmmm….that’s interesting.

Halfway into day one’s drive we ended up stopped on the interstate for two and a half hours because of an accident. Believe it or not it’s actually possible to go only four miles in 150 minutes. Did I mention it was in the high 80s and I kept having to shut off the car for fear of running out of gas? That’s interesting.

Sidebar to the point above: You know how a baby’s cries will get increasingly loud and hysterical if you don’t respond fast enough? In case you ever wondered “What if I couldn’t rush to the rescue? Would the baby ever stop crying?” I can now tell you yes it will stop. After 45 minutes….also interesting.

Later that night we were driving the last leg of the day’s trip when we were stopped again in traffic. This time it was a Hazmat spill and all traffic was being rerouted off the main highway and onto an eerily dark and obscure country road. That’s interesting.

I could go on, but instead I’ll end on a positive note. Both kids did very well given all the traffic issues. They surprised me with their stamina and patience. We were even able to have a bit of fun along the way.


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