Swaddled in Sound

It’s 11 something at night and we are making our way back across the country. It has been a hectic week full of long days and sleepless nights.

I have been dreading the drive home knowing I don’t have the anticipation of our vacation to propel me forward. So it is surprising that tonight of all nights is when I find myself truly feeling on vacation for the first time this trip.

Sure it was a long car ride today. Haiden cried the last hour and of course we hit construction traffic 5 miles from the hotel. By the time we unloaded and checked in it was 10 pm; way past the kids’ bedtimes.

But now I’m tucked into bed. Haiden is asleep in his crib at the foot of my bed. Amelia is asleep in bed next to me. This is a major rule breaker, but she was terrified when I turned out the lights and I figured…”it’s vacation.” I’m finally drinking my glass of wine and blogging, albeit in the dark to a symphony of white noise (talk radio, bathroom fan, and white noise machine).

What I find extraordinary is the realization that I am a mom on vacation. With my children. And despite my anxiety about this trip and the long drive, we are all happy and drifting off to sleep.

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