Snapshot Of A Day

“On this one single day we ask you to pick up your camera and help us photograph daily life. What is close to you? What matters to you? We will connect your images to images from all around the world, creating a unique online experience where photographs will be shared, compared and explored. Your view on life will be preserved to inspire generations to come.” – – Picture Today Inspire Tomorrow

Today I uploaded my one and only photo to their website.  While I had planned on taking many photos, my camera’s battery died shortly after I had snapped my first photograph of the day.  Even without a functioning camera I spent the day looking through an imaginary lens, discovering new perspectives on the everyday.

I strongly recommend readers not only participate next year if the project is repeated, but create their own “ADay” projects.  Spend one ordinary day recording your life through photography.  I promise the photographs and perspective shift will surprise you.

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