Remembering the Dream

Flags“A survey cited by NPR shows Americans to be divided into roughly equal thirds on the question: Will you achieve the American dream? A third say they have, a third say they will, a third say they won’t.” If the Dream is threadbare, let’s weave a new one — NewsWorks.

After hearing this commentary on the radio I was astounded so many feel they have not, or will not, achieve the American Dream.   Isn’t the American Dream the opportunity to live in a country built on the principles of democracy and freedom?  A dream hard won by our ancestors centuries ago that we must nurture and preserve?

Which got me thinking.  How often do we talk about the advantages of living in America?  Sadly, I think the answer is not very often.  We love what is right about America, but we love to debate what is wrong.  I know this is true at my house.  The country’s economic and political challenges frequently monopolize our post dinner conversations.  And while Husband and I are both proud patriots, we seldom voice how fortunate we feel to have opportunity and freedom as the cornerstones of American citizenship.  That we are, in fact, living the American Dream.

I am not suggesting we ignore America’s problems.  But if we don’t make a point to include the good in our conversations, we risk losing sight of all we have achieved.

3 thoughts on “Remembering the Dream

  1. Your last line is right on. I completely agree. It’s all about saying thank you, and appreciating the good things in life, and making the choice to focus on them, when you can.

    Dreams are important. It doesn’t take much searching through history to come across lives that were changed forever by a simple dream.

    Thank you for your beautiful post.

  2. Well said. Often times it’s easy to see only the difficulties in life, but we should remember to cherish our achievements also. One of the reasons I love to travel is to experience distant places, but also to gain a deeper appreciation and knowledge of home and oneself. Cheers.

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