The Birth Of A Friendship

From the moment I discovered I was pregnant with my second baby, I thought about what great friends he and my daughter Amelia would be.  Many sleepless nights I imagined them scrambling over each other as wiggly toddlers, embarking on great outdoor adventures together as children, and even greater adventures as young adults.  In the deepest, darkest parts of my conscience, I saw them supporting each other through my passing and long after I am gone.

As my due date approached though I thought less about friendship and more about the impact a baby brother would have on Amelia’s happiness.  At barely 18 months old, I worried the transition would be difficult.  When we finally brought Haiden home from the hospital, I saw first hand how a baby can upend a toddler’s world.  I distinctly remember wishing we’d waited a little longer to have our second child.  I worried their future relationship was already at a disadvantage, likely to be dominated by competition and rivalry.

siblingsThen yesterday after work I was rewarded with a video of Amelia and Haiden making each other laugh.  At first all I could do was laugh myself as their giggles got progressively louder and sillier.  Then this morning when I was saw the Weekly Photo Challenge topic was “Friendship”, it occurred to me that last night’s video was truly special.  I had seen…I am seeing…the birth of their friendship.

These early interactions, while silly and unassuming, are the threads that will wind together to form a bond I hope endures their lifetimes.  I wish I could guarantee their friendship becomes all that I imagined in those first few months of Haiden’s pregnancy.   I know I can’t and a part of me struggles to accept that truth.  Still I am deeply privileged to walk beside them as they learn about themselves and each other.  And hopefully, with my love and support, they will one day cherish each other as much as I cherish them.


3 thoughts on “The Birth Of A Friendship

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  2. I do pray that Amelia and Haiden will be best of friends…..comfort each other when times are rough and be able to just laugh over silly things:) Love, Mama

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