Blog Round-up: The Fourth of July

Summer is here.  It’s almost 100 degrees outside and this coming Wednesday is Independence Day (or “The 4th of July” as I always say).  Nothing screams summer like a blistering heatwave and fireworks!  The exclamation point to that sentence is that I finally have a child old enough to appreciate a celebratory salute to our country.

I have been scouring the internet for months in search of toddler friendly decorations and activities.  However compared to Christmas or Halloween, the 4th of July is largely ignored.  Note to self: start brainstorming ideas for next year’s 4th before I pack up the winter clothes.

Below are two of the more unique concepts I came across.  I like that both ideas are low cost and simple.  Two vital prerequisites for all holiday projects while my children are young.  One never knows what a toddler will be afraid of or decide to destroy.  Happy 4th!

From Lizard & Ladybug – sprinkles that pop in your mouth!  I consider this an activity since I’m betting Amelia will have great fun decorating our cupcakes.

Mason Jar Sippy Cups from Two Shades of Pink

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