The Poignancy of Superheroes

Mind-boggling special effects, quick moving action, witty banter between arch enemies, gadgets and supernatural powers… What’s not to love about superhero movies? Hollywood has been driving the superhero/comic train full throttle lately and both Husband and I are on board. Nothing gets us searching for a babysitter faster than the premier of a new superhero movie and The Dark Knight is no exception. We have been eagerly anticipating the movie’s premier for months.

What is it about superhero movies that has us all so captivated right now? Yes, a quality movie’s ability to entertain is worth its weight in gold (and there have been a lot of quality superhero movies lately). But I think superhero movies are doing more than just entertaining the masses. At a time when headlines are full of real people spreading fear and devastation with little regard for the lives they destroy, we need to be reminded of the good in humanity. And that’s what superhero movies do. Underneath the explosions, car chases, and fight sequences, they are about courage and strength in the face of evil. Superhero movies are our Bat Signals. They remind to never give up hope and never stop fighting.


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